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Quechua Language


This course is an introduction to the Quechua language and an overview of the Andean region. We will identify the ways in which Andean culture, shaped by 10 million Quechua speakers, distinguishes itself from surrounding Hispanic culture in South America. Students will learn to apply fundamental rules of pronunciation and grammar in a contextualized and holistic framework encompassing the social, historical, and musical landscape of the Andean highlands, specifically present-day Peru. This course will be taught in English and Quechua with instructional materials also in English or Quechua. While a knowledge of Spanish is useful due to the language contact situation between Quechua and Spanish in the Andean region, it is not necessary for the successful completion of this course.

Quechua 1001 is available in person for UGA students or online via synchronous distance education, meaning a set meeting schedule by teleconference. Non-UGA students interested in registering for Quechua courses through the University System of Georgia’s transient student program, should first register as UGA transient students. Registration information can be found at: http://www.franklin.uga.edu/oaa/transient-students. For more information, please contact Bethany Bateman at batemabd@uga.edu.

Transient Student Information

The UGA system information regarding the transient student application process is below. Other USG schools may have different policies and procedures; please check with your registrar and/or advisor for information on how to become a transient student at UGA.

UGA Transient Student Registration Instructions (link to:http://www.reg.uga.edu/faqs/registration)

Franklin College Transient Student FAQ (link to: http://www.franklin.uga.edu/oaa/transient-students)

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