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Caribbean Studies Initiative

The University of Georgia (UGA) Caribbean Studies Group is an interdisciplinary initiative formed to bring together scholars, students, activists, artists and other professionals with research, teaching, creative and professional interests in the Caribbean (broadly conceived as the circum-Caribbean, which includes parts of the American South). Through a series of panels, workshops, conferences and cultural events, we will engage in the sharing of information, discussion of current and historical issues and creation of projects related to the circum-Caribbean across disciplines – from the Social Sciences, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Humanities, Journalism, Business among others- both within the UGA community and beyond (nationally and internationally).  This collaboration across disciplines, professions, languages and cultures will raise greater awareness of different facets of the Caribbean while facilitating enriching programs within and outside of the University of Georgia.

In line with LACSI’s three goals of education, research and outreach, we are currently planning an interdisciplinary symposium focused on current events in Cuba that will take place in the spring of 2015. This symposium will be a first step toward organizing yearly events, including a large conference in 2016-2017 that we plan to coordinate with our Caribbeannist colleagues in Puerto Rico. This international conference will include performances, as well as workshops with performers, musicians, filmmakers, journalists and other professionals, aimed at educating through the arts and experiential learning.

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