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Much of what we do is embodied by LACSI’s Initiatives, as shown below. These interdisciplinary collaborations serve as incubators for ideas and instruments for social change. Please consider participating in one of the Initiatives, or supporting the vital work being done through them in the areas of outreach, education, and research. We look forward to hearing from you!

Caribbean Studies Initiative

Promoting PanCaribbean Studies with an emphasis on languages, cultures, and art

The University of Georgia (UGA) Caribbean Studies Group is an interdisciplinary initiative formed to bring together scholars, students, activists, artists and other professionals with research, teaching, creative and professional interests in the circum-Caribbean  to raise greater awareness of different facets of the Caribbean while facilitating enriching programs within and outside of the University of Georgia.

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Ethnobotanical Garden Initiative

A Latin American Garden Oasis on the UGA Campus for Outreach, Instruction, and Research

Managed by LACSI since it’s opening in October of 1998, the University of Georgia Latin American Ethnobotanical Garden is a unique, one acre green space behind Baldwin Hall on UGA’s north campus. The

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K-12 Service and Education Initiative

Bringing Latin America to Georgia’s K-12 Schools

The mission of the K-12 Service and Education Initiative at LACSI is to expand on its longstanding educational outreach commitments with K-12 educators and students at the local and state level.  LACSI serves as a resource to K-12 educators working to meet Georgia Performance Standards as they relate to Latin American content in the social, natural, and life sciences.

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Language Without Borders Initiative

Moving Language, Knowledge and People Across Borders

The mission of the Language Without Borders Initiative at LACSI is to promote and enhance the exchange of languages, bodies of knowledge, and individuals between the University of Georgia and Latin America.

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Latin American Indigenous Languages Initiative

Supporting Latin American Indigenous Languages Through Research, Teaching, Service, and Advocacy

The Mission of the Latin American Indigenous Languages initiative is comprised of four areas, focusing on research, teaching, service, and advocacy.

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Latin American and Latino Cultural Ambassadors Initiative

Promoting Knowledge of Latin America Through the Arts

The Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute is committed to providing opportunities for UGA students, faculty and the general public to develop an in-depth understanding and appreciation of the region and its cultural diversity through the arts.

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Latin American and Latino Digital Humanities / Cybercultures Initiative

Promoting DH / Cyber critical knowledge and socio-cultural-artistic practices

The Mission of the Latin American and Latino Digital Humanities / Cyberculture (LAT-DH/C) is to establish a internal and external collaborative group at LACSI-UGA, dedicated to exploring, analyzing, and sharing the cultural, literary, visual, and linguistic modalities of electronic / digital textual production in Latin American countries (and by Latino/a artists, writers, and critics) through seminars, symposia, courses, exhibitions, and workshops for anyone interested in the Digital turn that the Humanities have taken already.

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Latin American and Latino STEM Education Initiative

Promoting and Enhancing Learning in the Areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

The mission of the Latin American and Latino Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Initiative at LACSI is to promote STEM education in Latin America and among immigrants to the US from Latin America through collaborative projects involving UGA faculty and institutions of higher education and/or governments.

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Latin American Sustainable Agriculture Initiative

Promoting agricultural systems that meet our current needs while ensuring the wellbeing of future generations

LACSI believes one of the best ways to help is through education–training the next generation of Latin American agricultural specialists to tackle problems of food security in a sustainable manner. The Institute has been carrying out collaborative student exchanges with EARTH University (Escuela de Agricultura de la Región Tropical Húmida), located in Guasimo, Costa Rica, since 1998.

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Neotropical Montology Initiative

Hemispheric concern and relevancy to the sustainability of mountain communities

The mission is to nurture scholarly activities associated with geoecological research on rural landscapes (cf. farmscapes) of the Americas, by providing means to observe, dialogue and explore various issues affecting the tropical mountains

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Providing Opportunities and Resources To Associations serving Latinos

LACSI’s PORTAL initiative seeks to unite faculty, students, advocates, community-based and faith-based service providers, policy makers and other stakeholders committed to researching and addressing the systemic issues that impact the U.S. Latino community’s ability to meet their needs, achieve self-sufficiency and exercise their inalienable human and civil rights. We do this by facilitating sustainable multidisciplinary collaborations in research, education, and public service and outreac.

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