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Neotropical Montology Initiative

FrailejonParamoP1020641This virtual platform is one of the initiatives of LACSI that advances geoecological, transdisciplinary research on mountains (hence Montology) of the tropical region of the Western Hemisphere (hence Neotropical), with some ideas, operations, and structures dealing with at the laboratory, classroom, field and virtual levels for mutual benefit of partakers (hence Collaboratory) based at the Geography Department of the University of Georgia. This initiative is a research network incubator of scientists and conservation practitioners dealing with issues of current hemispheric concern and relevancy to the sustainability of biocultural heritage of mountain communities.


Mission: To nurture scholarly activities associated with geoecological research on rural landscapes (cf. farmscapes) of the Americas, by providing means to observe, dialogue and explore various issues affecting the tropical mountains and to become a catalyst of geographical work towards sustainable development (cf. sustainability), agrobiodiversity conservation, livelihood security and poverty alleviation. The NMC incubator of geoecological activities will seek to generate collaborative research networks, potential for training and development, dissemination and monitoring of environmental services of tropical mountains.


What we could implement with support:

  • Establishing a joint, horizontally developed and executed platform to stimulate research projects and programs,
  • Facilitating a network of scientists and practitioners of montology and agrobiodiversity conservation to seek common goals,
  • Engaging graduate and postgraduate training in transdisciplinary science of tropical mountains of the Americas,
  • Producing dissemination outlets for montological research, including a scientific journal, international fora, blogs, etc.,
  • Catalyzing scholarly exchange of Andeanists and other scientists via professional organizations, such as the Andean Mountains Association,
  • Offering of learning outcomes from exploration, study abroad, mutual understanding and leadership development, and
  • Advising and consulting/contracting on mountain related development programs/projects.


Collaborate with us:

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Initiative Coordinator:

Fausto Sarmiento

Email: fsarmien@uga.edu

Phone: 706-542-1753

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