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Latin American and Latino Digital Humanities / Cybercultures Initiative

Promoting DH / Cyber critical knowledge and socio-cultural-artistic practices




The Mission of the Latin American and Latino Digital Humanities / Cyberculture (LAT-DH/C) is to establish a internal and external collaborative group at LACSI-UGA, dedicated to exploring, analyzing, and sharing the cultural, literary, visual, and linguistic modalities of electronic / digital textual production in Latin American countries (and by Latino/a artists, writers, and critics) through seminars, symposia, courses, exhibitions, and workshops for anyone interested in the Digital turn that the Humanities have taken already. Given the changing social praxis in our current digital and digitized age, there is a strong need for further study of the ways technological innovations shape and are shaped by cultural practices—in particular in light of critical paradigms that describe the marginal or belated nature of modernity and/as technological advancement in Latin America / US Latino culture.

Past activities/events/research:

-APRIL 2015: International Symposium organized by Dr. Jonathan Bailehache at UGA: “Textual Machines” http://digitalartslibrary.com/events-and-exhibits/symposia

-JUNE 2015: Dr. Luis Correa-Díaz participated in the international conference E-Poetry Center, held in Buenos Aires and sponsored by SUNY-Buffalo and Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero.

-NOVEMBER 2015: Dr. Luis Correa-Díaz was invited by the Ministerio de Cultura y Patrimonio de Ecuador to participate as keynote speaker in the VIII Feria Internacional del Libro –Quito 2015. His talk: “Digital Humanities/Literatures and Cyberculture in Latin America.”

This LACSI-Latin American and Latino Digital Humanities and Cybercultures Initiative established academic contact with the Red de literatura electrónica latinoamericana. Facebook

Collaborate With / Support Us:

Initiative Coordinator:

Luis Correa-Diaz
Email: correa@uga.edu
Web: http://www.rom.uga.edu/directory/luis-correa-diaz-0


Jonathan Baillehache
Email: baille@uga.edu

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