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Latin American and Latino STEM Education Initiative

Promoting and Enhancing Learning in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

The mission of the Latin American and Latino Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Initiative at LACSI is to promote STEM education in Latin America and among immigrants to the US from Latin America through collaborative projects involving UGA faculty and institutions of higher education and/or governments. We envision a constant exchange of STEM scholars between UGA and both US Latino communities and Latin American populations, in the context of specific STEM education projects.

Latin America has nearly twice the population of the US, yet in terms of investment in research, Latin America only reaches a tenth of the research expenditures of the US.

This asymmetry is reflected in the differential scientific output of the two regions of our hemisphere, and in the scientific training of Latino youth compared to other sectors of the US population. We believe that improving the scientific stance of Latin America and the US Latino population is a matter of mutual strategic importance for the US and Latin America.

What we can implement with support:

  • We are close to implementing an exciting new approach to teaching math. Initiative coordinator, Dr. Juan Gutiérrez has designed a web application that uses an interactive, adaptive learning interface to revolutionize how young people become ‘fluent’ in complex mathematical languages. The knowledge and skill that students will acquire as a result of this program will act as a springboard for advanced studies in the STEM disciplines.
  • We are currently seeking funding from various sources to put this and other projects into action. Please also consider contributing financially to the initiative’s activities. Your support can make crucial difference in the futures of young people here and in neighboring countries.

Collaborate With Us:

Initiative Coordinator:

Juan Gutiérrez
Email: jgutierr@uga.edu
Phone: 706-542-2609

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