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Research Projects

Medicinal Plants of Highland Chiapas Project

During the first several years since its 1998 inauguration, the LAEG served as a research facility to investigate the horticultural requirements of some of the most utilized medicinal plants of Highland Chiapas, Mexico. This was part of a collaborative, applied program between researchers at the University of Georgia and El Colegio de la Frontera Sur in Chiapas to encourage cultivation of these plants in Maya communities, thereby improving primary health care and promoting economic development. The State Botanical Garden of Georgia provided technical assistance with the cultivation of medicinal plants.

Today the LAEG continues to research the horticultural requirements of plants from throughout Latin America, testing the viability of mostly perennial, ethnobotanically important plants for inclusion in the Garden.

Visit the pages below to view herbarium samples of several medicinal plants from the Chiapas project, some of which can also still be found in the Latin American Ethnobotanical Garden.

Botanical ink drawings by Nicolas Hernández Ruíz

Ruíz is a self-taught artist and resident of Chiapas, Mexico. Click on each detail to view the full-size version.

Video Clips from Highland Chiapas Project

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