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Laurie Williford

Laurie Williford (Laurie)
Portuguese Flagship Program Coordinator
Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute
University of Georgia
290 S. Hull St.
Athens, GA 30602

Tel: 706-542-0470
Fax: 706-542-8432
e-mail: brazil@uga.edu

Laurie Williford earned her B.A. in Japanese and Spanish from UGA in 2001. She taught English and International Understanding in Japan for three years and earned a Master’s degree in East Asian Studies from Duke in 2007. She was a Foreign Service Officer (FSO) with the U.S. Department of State for 5 years before joining the LACSI staff in 2012. With the State Department, Laurie worked in the Office of Japanese Affairs, the U.S. Embassy in Slovenia, the U.S. Embassy in Brazil, and the Office of Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Island Affairs. She has also traveled to Korea, Ireland, England, Canada, and Papua New Guinea (but Brazil is her favorite!).

Laurie serves as the Portuguese Flagship Program coordinator and accountant. In addition to maintaining PFP’s accounts, Laurie is responsible for recruiting and advising PFP students. If you are interested in studying abroad in Brazil and doing an internship (related to your major) in Brazil, please contact Laurie.

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